After a cesarean CALL US IF…

  • Experience UNCONTROLLABLE PAIN. If none of the tips for pain control are working, please call our office.
  • DEVELOP PAIN IN YOUR LOWER LEG. Pain, redness or swelling after a period of inactivity needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Are experiencing CHEST PAIN OR SHORTNESS OF BREATH. This needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Notice SIGNS OF INFECTION. Includes redness, swelling, and heat at the incision, increasing pain, or odor. Please call our office for evaluation.
  • Experience symptoms of a BLADDER INFECTION. This may include frequency of urination or burning with urination.
  • Are experiencing unusual BLEEDING. If you are saturating more than a large pad in 60 minutes and/or have tennis ball size clots please call our office.
  • Are experiencing feelings of POST PARTUM DEPRESSION. If you are felling restless, moody, sad, hopeless or unusual crying, please call our office.
  • Are experiencing symptoms of MASTITIS such as fevers, aches, and fatigue. If your breasts are swollen, painful or hot to the touch, please call our office.