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Common Questions

After a cesarean CALL US IF…

  • Experience UNCONTROLLABLE PAIN. If none of the tips for pain control are working, please call our office.
  • DEVELOP PAIN IN YOUR LOWER LEG. Pain, redness or swelling after a period of inactivity needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Are experiencing CHEST PAIN OR SHORTNESS OF BREATH. This needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Notice SIGNS OF INFECTION. Includes redness, swelling, and heat… Continue reading

FAQs – cesarean

After your surgery you may:

  • Shower day after surgery
  • Start exercise slowly with walking and increase gradually
  • Returning to work is different for everyone; please consult with your surgeon

You may drive once you are no longer taking pain medication during the day. Please refer to recommendations/directions on medication package.

Please do NOT do the following activities for 6… Continue reading


Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate is a liquid preparation used to cleanse the bowel in preparation for abdominal surgery. It is a very salty drink that after ingestion will cause you to have stools until your bowels are emptied.

The day before your surgery, you should have your last “real” meal by 12 or 1 pm. No later than 1 pm… Continue reading



Pain is tolerated differently by everyone. When assessing pain we use a pain scale of 0-10; 0 being no pain, 5 being noticeable, and 10 being the worst. After your surgery you will most likely have some pain and nothing will take it away completely, but we want you to be comfortable. We want you to stay on top… Continue reading


Pain meds can increase constipation. The following are suggestions to help ease this condition:

  • DIET. Foods high in fiber will promote healthy bowels. Avoid gas producing foods or foods that are difficult to digest, for example beans or cabbage.
  • FLUIDS. Drink plenty of water. It will also help to eat foods that are high in water content.
  • STOOL SOFTENER. Stool… Continue reading